DETROIT (WWJ) – Mayor Dave Bing and City Council are at loggerheads over Council’s cut to Bing’s budget with Bing saying he will have to lay off 200 police officers and Council saying efficient management would make layoff unnecessary.

Councilman Ken Cockrel said removing all of the vacant positions in police department budget would absorb the 2.5-percent cut.

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“I just don’t buy it. It’s a typical, and it’s an unfortunate move. But I think what he’s trying to do is whip the public into a frenzy so they will be calling and emailing City Council saying please don’t do this,” Cockrel said.

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“But the reality is, I don’t think the threat is real. I don’t think it’s necessary to lay off any police officers as a result of the cuts that Council’s made,” he said.

Council is pushing for $50 million more in cuts than the mayor had proposed in his $3.1-billion budget. Bing has until June second to veto the Council cuts and Council would need a supermajority of six to override the mayor’s veto.

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