DETROIT (WWJ) – A big deadline today for the Detroit Public School District — as a rough draft of next year’s budget is due in Lansing.

The early snapshot is expected to show how the district plans to address its $327 million budget deficit. DPS’ new Emergency Financial Manager, Roy Roberts, is already moving ahead with what he calls his Renaissance 2012 plan, which has the district flipping some schools to charters and closing others.

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Roberts told WWJ’s City Beat Reporter Vickie Thomas, “I’ve got some people working with me on the budget. Darryl Burke, from one of the accounting firms, who worked here 20 years ago and understands this system inside-out.”

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Roberts and his team have been going over the numbers with a fine tooth comb in an effort to stop the bleeding.

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“It’s really kind of simple,” Roberts said. “We get $1.00 revenue to spend, we’re gonna spend $1.00, not $1.50. So, we’re making sure that we’ve got a budget that will reflect that.”