WYANDOTTE (WWJ) – A former 12-year veteran Southgate police officer was charged on Wednesday in connection with a woman’s claim that he raped her.

Emmanuel Paravas, 42, allegedly assaulted the woman after dropping her off at a motel following a domestic dispute between her and her husband.

WWJ’s Pat Sweeting said Paravas stood muted with his hands clasped behind his back as Judge Randy Kalmbach read the sexual assault, neglect of duty and misconduct charges against him.  A plea of not guilty was entered on his behalf.

Kalmbach discussed the issue of bail, asking Paravas if he owned any firearms.

Paravas listed, “I own a 9 millimeter Glock, a 9 millimeter Smith and Wesson, a sub-compact 9mm Glock, a hunting shotgun, a .22 long rifle, an AR-15.”

As a condition of his release on $100,000 personal bond, Paravas must keep the guns locked away.

According to Paravas’s attorney, Michael Rataj, the woman’s complaint that then-officer Paravas raped her is simply that: a complaint.

“A felony complaint is not evidence of anything,” said Paravas.  “It’s just an allegation and anybody can make an allegation. Proving those allegations is a completely separate matter.”

Paravas is due back in court for a preliminary exam set for June 30.


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