What to expect on National donut day?
10. On national donut day rex ryan orders a “foot” long donut! Bobby in Livonia
9. What to expect: Charlie Sheen will snort a powdered donut. Roy
8. What to expect: Brett Favre will text a pair of his donuts to Jenn Sterger. Eric
7. Everyone will be speeding since there will not be any police around. Mike scs
6. What to expect: Police Officers everywhere woke up real early this morning to see how many donuts they had underneath the tree.
5. Donut day? Tila Tequila looks like she’s had several glazed donuts already. Wheels
4. what to expect on National donut day? Jim Leyland will be chomping on a 6 pack of Dunkins in his post game interview tonight…
3. Snookie prefers muffin top day – Scott E Geyer
2. Donut Day!!! The crime rate will go through the roof from the lack of police. Check the stats. Ray Lewis Baltimore Maryland.
1. Steve Nash will order a vanilla donut, but will be delivered a chocolate one. Paul Hartland


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