DETROIT (WWJ) – As New York Congressman Anthony Weiner has now admitted texting lewd photos of himself to women on Twitter, can his marriage survive?

As the story continues to develop out of Washington, Beaumont Hospital psychologist, Dr. Jackie Odom, spoke with WWJ Newsradio 950 about whether “sexting” is cheating and if Weiner and his wife will need counseling.

“It is a form of sexual behavior and it just depends on the total relationship,” said Odom.  “Now, I understand that Mr. Weiner had just been married about a month, I think, but had practiced these behaviors prior to his marriage with other women.”

With the explosion of social media, such as FaceBook and Twitter, Odom said psychologists are seeing more of this.

“It really speaks to one being sort of a sex addict in a way,” said Odom. “The whole addiction component, I mean, obviously there were some severe consequences that, to do something so public and to think he wasn’t gonna, that it wasn’t gonna be exposed, is of concern.”

Odom said this type of behavior destroys the trust in a relationship.

Meanwhile in Washington, House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi has called for an ethics committee investigation and the chairman of the Republican party said Weiner should resign from Congress. Follow the story at

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    sexting leads to actual cheating.

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