DETROIT (WWJ) – Officials from the American Federation of Teachers met with DPS Emergency Financial Manager Roy Roberts and Detroit Federation of Teachers President Keith Johnson at Palmer Park Preparatory Academy.

Palmer Park Prep will act as a model for what is billed as union district collaboration and teacher accountability.

“We wanted both President Weingarten and Mr. Roberts to see that the DFT and the district are working collaboratively to change the culture of what’s going on in DPS, but most importantly we understand the fact that the key element of that cultural change is going to be the change in the way we deliver instruction,” said Johnson.

He says the children also benefit from who is in control.

“Children clearly are benefit from having teachers that are in control of everything that is going on within the building. When you talk about how to evaluate effectiveness, well clearly now teachers have the responsibility for making sure that things go the way they are supposed to go,” Adams said.

Johnson adds that teacher led academies will just be one component – not a silver bullet.

In a teacher lead academy teachers learn every aspect of administration and govern via committee.


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