SOUTHFIELD (WWJ) – Know someone who’s getting married soon? WWJ and Fox 2 Business Editor Murray Feldman said Wednesday’s “Financial Fitness” webinar on will be chock full of advice for couples headed down the aisle.

“When you think of marriage, you don’t usually think about taking an inventory of your property or placing a value on it. But legal experts say there are cases when you should be doing that,” Feldman said.

Clark Hill Family Law attorneys Randi Glanz and Ada Snyder Kerwin will explore financial issues related to life changes such as marriage and divorce and how to navigate this oftentimes complicated financial and emotional territory.

“There are times, believe it or not, when a prenuptial agreement is not going to stick, it won’t be enforceable,” Feldman said. “We’ll be discussing that.”

If you have a financial question about marriage, divorce, child custody or any other family law issue, you can send it now. And don’t forget to return right back here at noon on June 8th for this free non-solicitous investor education webinar.

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