DETROIT (WWJ) – A controversial Florida pastor who has made his name talking about burning the Koran was a no-show Friday at the Dearborn Arab International Festival.

Speaking to WWJ’s Stephanie Davis, a Wayne County Sheriff’s deputy confirmed that Terry Jones would not be making an appearance at the street festival as he had planned.

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Davis said it appeared the decision was made shortly after Jones began his march from Dearborn City Hall to the festival on Warren Avenue.

“(The pastor) was pulled out of the crowd of anti-Jones protestors, after things got a little hostile … protestors screaming and shouting … He was pulled away by police, and I’m told now he will be headed back to his hotel and, from there, he is scheduled to go home this evening,” Davis reported.

Jones was safely removed from the area in a police car. Two counter-protestors were taken away in handcuffs.

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Following a three-hour rally at City Hall, Davis spoke with Jones as he began his walk, noticing he was wearing a bullet-proof vest.

“I’m wearing a vest because I’ve had over 400 death threats.  Hezbollah has put out an award on my life for $2.4 million, and I have a lot to do and a desire to live a long time,” Jones said.

At his last Metro Detroit rally on April 29, arrests were made after Jones was confronted by hundreds of counter-protestors. Those events came one week after a court order shut down Jones’ planned protest at a Dearborn mosque.

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Jones said it’s his right that he be allowed to protest what he calls “radical element in Islam.”  He said he does plan to make another visit to Michigan soon.