Plex Systems Sets Food Safety Webinar: Auburn Hills-based Plex Systems Inc. will host the second webinar for food manufacturers in the Food Safety Webinar Series, “Journey to Achieve Best in Class.” Register for the Webinar titled “Achieving Best in Class Traceability and Compliance,” to be held Tuesday, June 28 from 2 to 3 p.m. Due to recent regulatory and consumer pressure, traceability of food products throughout the supply chain is increasingly more critical. The Webinar will feature Matthew Littlefield, Senior Research Analyst at the Aberdeen Group, who will shed light on the importance of traceability systems to manage this process more effectively. The Webinar will explain how the top food and beverage manufacturers achieve best-in-class traceability and compliance, what it means to be best-in-class and how to benchmark your organization, recommended best practices, KPI’s and performance enablers for food safety and traceability and how small and midsized food and beverage manufacturers can use food safety, traceability and compliance to gain competitive advantage. More at

Covisint To Show Oil, Gas Companies How to Avert Cyber Disasters: The Covisint business unit of Detroit’s Compuware Corp. (Nasdaq: CPWR), announced that Kevin Wagner, its director for energy, will present solutions on many of the complex cyber security issues facing the energy industry at the Oil and Gas Cyber Security Summit in Houston. In the June 27, 2011, presentation, titled: “What Oil and Gas Companies Must Do to Avert a WikiLeak Disaster or Night Dragon Attack,” Covisint’s Wagner will demonstrate how to provide secure access to information and applications across the extended workforces typically relied upon by oil and gas industry companies. The oil and gas industry uses many contract employees, joint ventures and business partnerships — a structure that creates highly complex identity management challenges. In particular, managing access to confidential applications and data outside of the enterprise in this cloud-computing era can leave organizations vulnerable to identity-driven cyber-crime challenges, such as the recent and highly visible WikiLeaks incidents and Night Dragon attacks. These factors are collectively driving an increased need for secure and remote access to confidential applications and data from a trusted, independent third-party, such as Covisint. Covisint previously published white papers on similar topics–including 1) protecting against Night Dragon-style cyber attacks and on 2) cloud-based identity management for extended workforces. Both papers are available at More at

Preferred Data Systems sponsors “Lunch & Learn” with Barracuda Networks: Barracuda Networks and Farmington Hills-based Preferred Data Systems LLC are hosting a “Lunch & Learn” to address the latest trends in content security, data protection and application delivery solutions to improve your company’s productivity. At this luncheon, attendees will learn how to streamline their backup strategy by eliminating removable media, like tapes; achieve massive storage reductions by using data deduplication technology; provide quick data recovery, whether it’s for a single file or from a tornado-damaged building; easily archive emails for compliance readiness; improve the operational efficiency of your email server by offloading email messages; archive calendar items, contacts and tasks from your email server; and eliminate the need for PST file storage For more details and to register for this event go to this link.