Prime, a Northville mobile Web development firm founded by two recent Kettering University graduates, has launched, a mobile landing page builder.

Prime has provided mobile products to brands like Best Buy, Adrian College, and Kettering University. Prime saw the need to open up great mobile landing pages and Web sites to more than just the big players, and knows that mobile will be an important part of
everyone’s marketing efforts by 2012. Landr makes launching a mobile Web site easy.

Besides looking great, and being simple to use, Landr is priced at only $29 per-month. The low monthly cost makes this a perfect solution not only for small businesses, but also for short-term marketing campaigns, and organizations looking to get hip without the big price tag.

Landr acts as a mobile launch pad, integrating “hyper-local” features like click-to-call, get directions, and contact forms, all in a mobile-friendly view. Special sections also allow businesses to put up deals, restaurants to show their menu, and Landr even offers
ways to connect with existing social media accounts. Using a Landr mobile Web site with Quick Response barcodes or existing text message campaigns is a great way to generate interest in an organization or cause, and entice users to take action.

With a projected 49 percent growth in smart phone sales this year, and mobile internet usage nearly matching that of desktop computers, there is no doubt that mobile marketing is no longer a question of “when”, but of “how”. The Landr product puts the power of content delivery into the hands of the consumer, allowing them to create, and tell their story through mobile devices.

Landr is currently accepting specific brands for its private beta group, one being personal trainer: Jimi Varner from Novi, as seen on MTV’s “I Used to be Fat” and NBC’s “The Biggest Loser”. You can visit Jimi’s mobile website at

More about Prime and its owners, Matt Gaidica and Brad Birdsall, at To find out more about Landr, and how it might be able to help you, visit

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