DETROIT (WWJ) – Landlords in Detroit may soon be forced to eradicate bed bugs on their properties or face penalties.

Several tenants of downtown Detroit apartment buildings complained about bed bug infestation during a public hearing, Monday, with City Council.

“Bed bugs have been attacking me for about two weeks,” said one complainant. “I’ve got blood on the bed. I went to the bathroom and they was on my chest, doin’ little dances and things. It seemed like they was,” he said.

“Exterminators do a Mickey Mouse job in eliminating bed bugs,” said another tenant.

“Heat treatment is costly. One manager said heat treatment costs $1,000, and now they’re looking at getting little dogs to sniff out these bedbugs. Some tenants have been threatened with eviction if they complain about it,” he said.

The proposed ordinance has been drafted at the urging of Councilman Kwame Kenyatta. It would force the landlord to provide written proof that includes the signature of a licensed pest control company that the problem has been treated.

Bed bug infestation continues to be a statewide and national problem.

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  1. GreenLouise says:

    Greenbug for People is a product I got online and I used it to treat bed bugs myself. Greenbug works and besides that, it is natural and safe. Now I spray myself and luggage before I travel and don’t bring those awful creatures home with me again! Greenbug for People at

  2. Jon Patrick says:

    These are tenacious little buggers. As someone who thought they were myths or an extinct species, I was surprised to get them 2x in 2years. They can hitch a ride from anywhere, and are so small and thin they had hide in cracks in the bed. You can get rid of them yourself – you just have to be ruthless and do it multiple times. I even blogged about it and the solution(s) we used.

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