BATTLE CREEK (WWJ) – Kellogg is unveiling data from one of the largest surveys ever conducted on the subject of breakfast and the morning mealtime routine.

The survey of more than 14,000 Americans of varying ethnicities, income levels, geographic regions and ages reveals that while the vast majority of Americans feel breakfast is important, the reality of hectic mornings makes it difficult to fit the meal in every day.

The survey found while more than half of all adults would like to eat breakfast every day, in reality only one-third actually do. Nearly all moms want their kids to eat breakfast every day. However, 40 percent of moms report their child doesn’t eat breakfast daily.

Findings also show that while nearly all toddlers and preschool-age children are eating breakfast, consumption of breakfast dips as children grow older. Seventy-seven percent of young children eat breakfast every day, but the number falls to 50 percent in the middle-school years and 36 percent among high school students.

Although moms report a desire to see their kids relax in the morning and concentrate on eating breakfast, many kids are too busy watching television, getting their homework done or getting ready for school to do so.

“With school wrapping up… many families are now adjusting to less predictable morning routines and the challenge of getting kids to remember to eat a nutritious breakfast,” Dr. Laura Jana, pediatrician, said in a release.

“Making sure that children from a very young age are in the habit of eating a healthy breakfast can significantly help improve their overall health and well-being – both during the school year and throughout the summer months.”

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  1. A Michigan Resident says:

    Hey Kellogg one reason why people don’t eat a cereal breakfast is they can’t afford the cereal!

    A box of sugar with some cereal fiber costs more than $5 a box when you buy the national brands like Kellogg or General Mills.

    I eat a Kroger generate Cheerio-like cereal for $1.89 per box.

    While Kellogg is wasting money making surveys they should be thinking of ways to save their customer’s money in buying their products. This Michigan company needs to get smarter.

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