DETROIT (WWJ) – There will be a variety of food prepared and served over the summer entertaining season, it’s important to remember to handle food safely when preparing your meals.

In its Barbeque and Food Safety fact sheet, the U.S. Department of Agriculture
reminds us that whenever we shop for perishable food we should refrigerate those items within one hour if outdoor temps are 90 degrees or higher and within two hours, otherwise.
When thawing meat, keep it wrapped and run cold water over it or use the
microwave oven to speed-up the process. But, if you do the latter, move the meat
quickly to the grill.

If marinating meat, always do so in the refrigerator. If you’ll be using some
of the marinade for a sauce, first bring it to a boil to kill any bacteria left behind by raw meat.

Avoid cross-contamination by using separate utensils and plates for raw and cooked meats. Also clean work surfaces with which raw meat comes into contact.

For more food safety tips click on here.


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