How did Harrison Ford celebrate his birthday?

10. Harrison Ford deserves a massage and a happy ending so when he gets home he doesn’t need to go “Han Solo”. (Bill from White Lake)

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9.  Khloe Kardashian ate all the food at the party, good job Chewie always thinking with your stomach! (from Deuce)

8. Harrison Ford gets a plaque stating “Congratulations! You are the only Star Wars cast memeber whose career didnt collapse after Star Wars”…made out of carbonite of course. (Steve, Brighton)

7. If we all chip in a dollar, we can wipe out his gambling debt with Jaba the Hut. (Lawson)

6. Calista Flockhart is taking Harrison Ford on an all you can eat dinner cruise. He gets 2 plates. (His and Hers. Jr in Oxford)

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5. He can still make the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs, but now has his blinker on the whole way. (From Deuce)

4.  For his surprise party General Akbar will jump out and yell “It’s a trap!!!” (Mike from Ann Arbor)

3.  I can only assume he won’t be negotiating with terrorists. (From Conor)

2. When he picks up his cake the table will disappear and a giant boulder will begin chasing him. (Tim in a car)

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1. What are people giving Harrison Ford for his birthday? Derek Jeter is giving him … nothing. (Mark in Hazel Park)