Lesser-known ESPY’s…

10. Best usage of a body part to bounce a quarter off of went Serena Williams’ booty. (Keith/Milford)

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9. Worse bathroom etiquette goes to … Ben Rothlesburger! (Dave in septic truck)

8. Best OSU tattoo

7. Best use of cough syrup in a non cough situation: Jamarcus Russell (Cory)

6. Best local sports call goes to ‘Holy big giant clam’ (Mike in New Baltimore)

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5. The Traffic Violation Award, which goes to the entire Tiger’s line up for running through so many of Gene Lamont’s stop signs. (Rob B)

4. Best waffling goes to Brett Farve, no it doesn’t, wait yes it does, actually it doesn’t. (Beeler)

3. Best operation of a remote control mascot: the operator of the Flyn’ Lion was edged out by the guy who operates the remote control Joe Paterno on the sidelines at the PSU football games. (he’s actually been dead since 1999) (from Shawn on a trash truck)

2. In the closest vote ever, Greg Oden won the lifetime achievement award, just winning by 1 vote over DIRT! (Kirk)

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1. The Heimlich award was shared by Roberto Luongo and LeBron James. (Mike)