Japan won the Women’s World Cup, stunning the United States 3-1 in a penalty shootout Sunday after coming from behind twice in a 2-2 tie. Karsch & Anderson asked the people for better ways to decide a soccer match other than a penalty kick shootout. Here are the top ten favorites.

Instant Feedback Fun. Better ways to decide a Soccer game…

10. Better way to determine winner of world cup than penalty kicks: Lingerie pillow fight!
9. Ways to decide World Cup: Jim Price picks which is the nicer area of the two countries and nicest area wins. From Conor
8. Mike in pontiac.. better way to decide womens world cup. a strip off at center field first team to get all thier cloths off wins
7. Better ways to decide a world cup? Bud Selig thinks it should just be a tie. -Garrett in Redford
6. Red Rover. Each team picks a player from the other side and first one to break the line wins for their team. Matt Windsor
5. Better ways to decide the World Cup than Penalty Kicks?  A hide and go seek competition with Rod Allen as the seeker. I see you Hope Solo!
4. Better ways to decide the Womans Word Cup?… Isn’t it obvious? WET JERSEY CONTEST- whooooa! Brendan white lake
3. How to decide the women’s world cup…have a bake-off. Looch in Fraser
2. There’s just too many players.  Needs to be reduced to Two Girls, One World Cup. Paul in Hartland
1. Not sure what would be better than a shoot out…But shorter periods would benefit us all! Tim Sterling hts

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    sexist…but like that instant feeback didn’t set it up that way ;-)

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