The Wayne State University College of Nursing received a $200,000 grant from the Michigan Nursing Corps to enhance its simulation technology for teaching clinical nursing skills. The college’s simulation laboratories use life-sized manikins programmed to exhibit a wide range of biological responses and medical conditions. This technology allows nursing students to learn and practice clinical skills in a safe, low-stress environment before their supervised training with actual patients.

The state grant will fund a second laboratory with simulation capabilities for many trauma and emergency conditions, as well as the medical equipment and supplies needed to treat patients in these situations. In addition, some of the funds will be used for software to program the new “SimMan.”

“This award will enable us to expand simulation training for a significant number of our undergraduate and graduate nursing students,” said Barbara K. Redman, College of Nursing dean and professor. “Simulation experience allows faculty to more efficiently assess procedures practiced by nursing students before they are performed on hospital and clinic patients. These students are then better prepared when they begin their training with actual patients. In addition, the grant will increase opportunities for nursing research on patient care practices as well as disease-specific projects.”

The MNC was established by the state in 2007 to reduce the shortage of nurses in Michigan. The Michigan Department of Community Health and the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs provide funding for the MNC grant program.


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