It’s so hot outside that (blank)…
10. Its so hot that Rodney Stuckey now has an air conditioner running inside him. Dave in novi
9. It’s so hot that the big potato became the baked potato
8. It’s so hot out that Matthew Broderick was seen hooking up with a sea horse! Bill in Waterford
7. It’s so hot that Lebron has decided to take his talents to Baskin Robins. Keith
6. Im fun…its so hot out kelly kapowski dumped zack morris for AC.Slater –fooch
5. Its so hot out Najeh Davenport got a Prostate Exam just for the Doctors cold hand.
4. It’s so hot that Rod Allen is seeing a mirage… “I see ya’ mirage!” Erik in Rochester.
3. It’s so hot that the illegal immigrants are crossing to the Canada border.. Andrew in Lansing
2. It is so hot that Marty Morningweig saying ” I’ll take the Wind” isn’t a bad idea! Jim Sterling hts
1. its so hot – Ron Artest is now Metta World Air Conditioning. Paul in Canton