FERNDALE (WWJ) – Walk outside today in Ferndale and you’ll see one U.S. Postal Worker who knows a thing or two about the scorching temperatures. WWJ’s Kathryn Larson has her heroic story:

Wearing her cape of towels, superhero Mail Carrier Tracy braves the heat and humidity to deliver letters.

“To stay cool I have towels wrapped around my shoulders and one around my head. I keep dapping them every couple of blocks that I walk.”

And that’s not all Mail Carrier Tracy does.

“I keep lots of water, I have a cooler full of ice, and lots of fruit.”

But forget trying to cool down in the van, there’s no air inside.

“I guess they just need to update their vehicles.”

Tracy says sometimes she’s saved by residents offering her an icy beverage. So, what’s her best advice for those who have to be outdoors in the heat?

“My best advice is drink plenty of water and keep a cold, cold wet towel.”


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