DETROIT (WWJ) – More than 100 Detroit area high school football players gathered at Martin Luther King Jr. High School Friday with some professional insight.  WWJ’s Pat Sweeting reports that the kids are taking part in a two-day football camp with a former member of the Detroit Lions.

Having spent 11 years with the Detroit Lions, now Lomas Brown is taking his love of football in a new direction.

“Basically I hold football camps, during the off-season, for inner city kids, I do free football camps in Detroit, Flint, and different areas in Michigan. So, this is my passion and I get the chance to come out here and relive it every  year,” said Brown.

But the kids coming to the two-day camp at Martin Luther King High School with Lomas Brown learn more than football: “We try to train them on how to be men, and to be productive in the community,” said Brown.

Devonte Simms who will be a senior at Martin Luther King High School in the fall plays defensive end and defensive tackle.

“Got a good work-out, got a good sweat in … and personally it was fun because it was on our home field,” said Simms.

Having Lomas Brown from the Lions giving him pointers was an added thrill for Simms who hopes to have a future in football- but that is ‘Plan B’, Simms looks to have a career in architecture first.

“It’s a great experience … having someone from ‘up top’ coming to tell us what to do,” said Simms about Lomas Brown.

Kids also get to try their hand at broadcasting, taking advantage of a mock broadcast booth on site. You can try reporting, broadcasting as a sports programming host, guest or member of the crew.


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