I got a receipt sent to me Wednesday morning. $140 charged to my credit card from I Tunes. What? I didn’t buy anything. What was I being charged $140 for? I read the receipt and discovered that I had purchased “Brains” for “Zombie Farm.” What???

As it turns out my nine-year old son had downloaded “Brains” for the game his buddy had introduced him to this game for his I-Pod touch. He said he thought he was just getting “points,” not actually paying for anything. One of his purchases was for a “Brainiac Pack,” for $79.98. I am the proud owner of a “Brainiac Pack.” How great is my life now.

I knew this day would come. And I’ve heard stories from parents about text minutes and on-line purchases, but it finally happened to us. We visited the Apple Store Wednesday afternoon and were told, “there is nothing we can do.” I was able to apply for a refund online and I’m crossing my fingers.

Has your kid ever charged anything without you knowing?

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  1. Mike Burton says:


    Pull the credit card off the account and use only iTunes gift cards. Sold in $25 & $50 increments at Kroger, Miejer, ect. I had the same issue. $69 for the “Holy Big Giant Clam” app, really?

  2. Joe says:

    Doug- There’s been lawsuits over this, Apple knows it’s a scam targeted at kids: http://www.pcworld.com/article/225396/apple_slapped_with_class_action_lawsuit_over_inapp_purchases.html

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