DETROIT (WWJ) – A Detroit mother accused of firing a gun causing a standoff with police after she refused to give her child to Protective Services, has testified in a custody trial. Maryanne Godboldo testified that a doctor directed her to stop giving her daughter a psycho-tropic drug because she says it was doing more harm than good.

WWJ spoke with Wanda Evans the attorney for Godboldo.

“We’re talking about her life, her child who she loves dearly, she has been with this child since the moment she gave birth … she has had developmental problems and issues, and for someone to come in and take her child … out of her safety … is very emotional,” said Evans.

Godboldo is accused of firing a weapon and felonious assault following a long standoff with police in March. The mother has been at odds with the Department of Human Services over whether the teen should continue to take anti-psychotic medication.