DEARBORN (WWJ) – One Dearborn family’s story is airing globally on the EWTN Network on Monday thanks to a new documentary from award winning local Broadcast Producer Audrey Sommers.

It’s a story that will tug on your heart-strings, the miracle of how a Dearborn girl suffering from seizures was saved from the torture when a priest sprinkles holy water.

Meghan Salter, now 8, was a few months old when she began suffering from seizures, but when her parish priest sprinkled holy water on her, the seizures stopped.

Many call it a miracle and Sommers says no matter what you believe – it’s a compelling story:

“A huge audience .. millions of people worldwide, that are going to get this message, and people who are not religious, they are going to look at this and say, ‘Wow, what a beautiful story’, and it’s inspirational so what they will take away with is saying, you know what, my problems are not so bad,” said Sommers.

“When you look at this story and you see the faith of the family, and what surprised me, the joy, I mean they are caring for Meghan – 24/7, and when you see the parents and Meghan’s brother and sisters, I mean you say to yourself, what do these people have?  They have faith, faith and hope,” said Sommers.

Sommer’s says the real miracle is not that the seizure’s stopped, rather, it’s that this family has remained united and continue to love the little girl who requires round the clock care.

You can watch to story Monday night at 6 p.m.on EWTN.


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