OWOSSO (WWJ) – A Texas couple has gone to great lengths to make it to a 50-year high school reunion, biking all the way to Michigan.

The 68-year-old Lois Crawford says she always had a dream of making a multi-state trip, and now just seemed right, with her reunion coming up at Owosso High School, near Lansing.

The pair averaged 60 miles per day, traveling a total of 2,350 miles.

Did they run into any trouble?

“We’ve only had two flat tires … We have not used any spare tires and have only used two tubes, and that’s between two bikes,” she told WWJ’s Brian Larsen.

Now that they’ve arrived in Michigan after six weeks of cycling, Crawford said she’s sorry to see the trip coming to an end.

“I’m really sad to see it come. There’s not been a day when I got up and thought, oh, let’s just hang this thing up. And, actually, I’d day we both, instead of feeling tired, we’re more energized than when we started,” she said.

Crawford’s husband Doug was on board the whole time, and was especially fond of mapping out the trip.

“I thought it would be a real adventure, and it has. Especially the people we’ve met along the way,” he said.

However, Crawford said her husband is happy they’ll be driving back home.

Check out their blog, here.


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