Walloon Lake-based Gas Technologies LLC Friday announced an agreement with Michigan BioDiesel LLC to design and build the GasTechno proprietary distillation system at Michigan BioDiesel’s Bangor location.

Developed to process methanol, ethanol and other products, the distillation units will be built and operated at the Bangor facility providing central processing services for GasTechno field units in the region. Commercialization is scheduled for 2012-2013 after demonstration.

Both companies have processed samples of the GasTechno methanol blend and are moving immediately into construction of a new portable separation system to handle volumes up to 50 gallons per day from the GasTechno mobile trailer unit.

“Off-site separation and distillation of our alcohol blend has been part of our strategy for several years, and we really believe that we have located the best possible partner to handle this phase of our operation”, said Walter Breidenstein, CEO of Gas Technologies. “It only took John Oakley and me four hours touring our GasTechno mobile trailer and their biodiesel facility to see the potential for both companies. When I learned that their shareholders were mostly local farmers, and saw their “get-it-done” business ethic, I could not have been more excited about this new relationship. Our goal is to convert Michigan’s wasted flared gas into liquids, and then turn it into fuels and fertilizer products for the agricultural community.”

Both companies are evaluating the expansion of mixed alcohol and state-of-the-art fertilizer blends being developed by GasTechno and Arthur Nonomura, who added: “This will propel farmers to the forefront of advanced productivity, and once again, farmers will be in the lead, strengthening our economy.”

The effective use of both CO2 and nitrogen will be a major development for farmers. Moreover, keep an eye on accelerated introduction of a host of new advanced fuel-based technologies that were developed by GasTechno in-house engineers over the last few months.

The market is increasingly hungry for fuels, food and fertilizers that are focused on long-term sustainability. Much of the research being done by GasTechno will be provided to Michigan BioDiesel to build local support and testing with Michigan farmer’s and agricultural communities.

“The GasTechno process of making alcohols gives us a wide range of solutions for the farming community and is the perfect long-term partner in our focus toward sustainable fuels and fertilizers,” said John Oakley, CEO of Michigan BioDiesel LLC. “Agriculture is the base to capture renewable solar energy and put it in a storable state for this generation and future generations, knowing those generations depend on our innovations for food and fuel for humans, livestock, and to power transportation. We are always looking forward to the future.”

Gas Technologies LLC is an alternative energy company and leader in the single step conversion of methane to methanol. The GasTechno platform converts methane into valuable commodity fuels, high-end intermediates and specialty chemicals via the GasTechno family of technologies. GasTechno  plants are scalable, transportable and profitable at small volumes,
monetizing even modest sources of CO2, methane, landfill gas, biogas and bio-methane. Its latest designs include a food and fuels production system that processes CO2 and methane, the greenhouse gases primarily responsible for global warming.

More at www.gastechno.com.

Michigan BioDiesel LLC was formed with the combination of fifty-seven farmers and other related businesses, including technology provider Jatro Diesel. Michigan BioDiesel LLC is almost 90 percent Michigan owned and is a leader in glycerin processing, methanol distillation and fatty acid recovery.

More at www.mibiodiesel.com.


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