DETROIT (WWJ) – The next generation of talk radio launches on Monday, Sept. 12 on Talk Radio 1270 WXYT (WXYT-AM).

Home to lively conversation and debate, the talk station will focus on the issues affecting Americans with an edge that doesn’t exist in Detroit Talk Radio today.

Talk Radio 1270 will be available on-air, online here at, and via the application for a variety of mobile devices.

In addition, listeners will have an interactive platform to voice their opinions through Facebook, Twitter and other social media options.

Talk Radio 1270 WXYT’s weekday line-up includes the following shows:

6 a.m. – 9 a.m.  Charlie Langton
9 a.m. – 12 p.m.  Glenn Beck
12noon – 3 p.m. Laura Ingraham
3 p.m. – 6 p.m. Todd Schnitt
6 p.m. – 9 p.m. Jason Lewis
9 p.m. – 12 a.m.  Rusty Humphries

Home improvement programming returns to the weekends with Adam Helfman and Hire It Done, Saturday and Sunday mornings from 8:00-10:00 a.m.  The remainder of the schedule will be announced at a later date.

97.1 The Ticket, Detroit’s Sports Station, will be heard exclusively on WXYT-FM.

“I’m extremely excited about the launch of this new station,” said CBS RADIO Detroit Sr. Vice President and Market Manager Debbie Kenyon.  “It will take an edgy and engaging point of view about issues on listeners’ minds.”

Mornings with local host Charlie Langton will not only cover the issues Detroiters care most about, but he’ll  be asking the questions listeners want answered from the major newsmakers. More than that, Langton will bring talk radio that’s not only informative but highly entertaining.  Langton is a regular contributor to FOX 2 and WWJ-AM.

Glenn Beck became one of the 21st Century’s most important conservative commentators becoming the voice for modern mainstream conservatives.  Beck is syndicated on 400 stations across the country.

Laura Ingraham is the most listened-to woman in political talk radio.  She is a bestselling author, former litigator and regular contributor on TV news programs and talk shows.

Todd  Schnitt describes himself as a “fiercely independent conservative with libertarian influence.”  His show consists of news, political commentary, lifestyle and pop-culture with a cynical and comedic skew.  Schnitt brings a faster-paced, contemporary style to some of the most talked-about and engaging elements of the day.

Comments (42)
  1. john giordano says:

    glen beck, are you kidding?

    1. DownriverDem says:

      Totally disgusting!

  2. d pearce says:

    We need more liberal talk show hosts, not beck

    1. DownriverDem says:

      1310 am is progressive all the way!

      1. condor says:

        Thom Hartmann is the best political talk show host in the nation (1310 am noon-3). He debates conservatives and Libertarians in a civil manner. He’s authored books on various subjects, and he’s started multiple businesses. Hartmann also has an understanding of our nation’s history that’s lacking in all of the right-wing talkers.

  3. condor says:

    You can find right-wing talk up and down the AM dial. How can CBS seriously claim that this lousy format doesn’t already exist in Detroit talk radio? You’ve lost a listener.

  4. Gary from Detroit says:

    Not a good move ppl. Glenn Beck? Laura Ingram? You can count me out.

  5. Dawn Bartok says:

    I have just been made aware of the fact that you are going from sports talk radio that I have been a loyal listener to for years to political talk. Changing your format is up to you, but, changing it to radical right wing commentators like Glenn Beck its unacceptable. Glenn Beck was kicked off the Right Wing Fox Channel because of his crazy stances, Laura Ingraham isn’t much better, and after reading the bio’s. on the other ones, boy your guys are batting 0. It’s not like we don’t have encough right wing talk on the strongest station in radio WJR. Well you have lost not my husband and I, our friends and families, and I will not longer listen to your FM affiliate 97.1. I am taking them off my saved channel immediately.
    Giving these hatemungers a voice in our already hurting city horrible.

    1. Rick VB says:

      Dawn, you are clearly a perfect example of a typical liberal (usefull idiot); that is completely ignorant. You don’t have the first idea what you’re talking about, you’ve never watched or heard Glenn Beck other than sound bytes taken out of context on MSNBC or a Media Matters outlet. Before you go off on a critical rant, do yourself a favor and do some first hand research so you don’t look completely foolish outside your left-wing circles.

      1. Real DCC says:

        Rick VB, you are clearly a perfect example of a typical rightwingnut (useful idiot). You have no idea what resources Dawn used to form her opinion. Try thinking for a change. Here’s a thought experiment for you: why was Glenn Beck booted off the Fox News cable channel? Did Fox executives ask MSNBC or Media Matters for their opinion, and upon being given “sound bytes taken out of context”, drop the ol’ Grim Weeper? Wake up, Rick. Beck is a bum.

      2. RickVB says:

        DCC, I don’t know from your response if you’re also a Usefull Idiot, or a True Believer (and thus a cynical purveyor of mental slavery), but your premise is untrue, and thus you question is moot.

        Despite what is widely reported in the intentionally misleading dinosaur media, Glenn was not “booted off” Fox. He discussed his idea of leaving to start GBTV A YEAR before it happened. If you were a listener, you’d know that. Conversely, I challenge you to come up with one first-hand reference that shows that he was “booted”. There are none, because both sides publically acknowledged the friendly separation (although I doubt that Fox was particularly happy about it).

        The difference between us is that I base my conclusions on provable fact; to that end I actually listen to and read Schultz, Matthews, Maddow, Combs, Huffington, and the NY Times myself – whereas you rely on Media Matters and MSNBC to pre-process what conservatives say. You are either being dishonest with the world (True Believer) or with yourself (Useful Idiot); if the latter I suggest investigate for yourself what I’ve just said.

    2. Sam says:

      Dawn,…only 1270 is changing format. 97.1 FM (The Ticket) is staying the same as it has been for several years. You can continue to listen to the same shows you have been listening to simply by switching to the FM dial.

  6. nermel says:

    Wish you would air Neal Boortz with the new format.

  7. Juan Redman says:

    Dawn, Local 24/7 Sports Talk will still be on 97.1 FM The Ticket nothing changes there, just on the AM side

  8. Juan Redman says:

    I think this a great move, every CBS station in the Detroit market and elsewhere have attained great success,believe CBS knows what their doing.

  9. DownriverDem says:

    Looking for progressive content? 1310 am

    This is a very bad move for Detroit.

  10. Tim Hicks says:

    Conservatives are fine …. Glen Beck is disgusting. I wont be listening to any games here anymore. I cant help put one red cent in that disgusting lying POS’ pocket.

  11. Nef says:

    i am switching to 1130 am …..quit trying to shove right wing garbage down our throats.

  12. JP says:

    seriously. Beck is disgusting. Disappointing to say the least.

  13. homie says:

    Who it their “right” mind puts Glen Beck on the air???? He has crossed the line.
    Chalk up another listener GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Jimmyz says:

    Is David Newman still with us and is he available?

  15. TG616 says:

    “The next generation of talk radio launches on Monday, September 12….”
    I hope it crashes on the 13th. BOO for a lousy decision.

  16. jimd says:

    I live in the thumb and the fm ticket doesn’t come in so bad move and i guess 1130 will have to do pretty dumb to say the least.

  17. filkertom says:

    I’m bemused. How can airing The Same Old Conservative Mouthpieces possibly be considered “the next generation of talk radio”?

    1. Overmars says:

      it’s tragic ! , more conservative idiots . they have already betrayed the USA . Bring back Eisenhower tax rate . Or wait for a facimmilie of the French revolution. That’ correct !

  18. Don C. says:

    Let the ratings and money trail decide who’s listening. Business owners will stampede to advertise in the Beck / Ingraham time slots. Listeners with jobs and critical thinking skills (common sense) will FLOCK to the new and improved 1270. I CAN’T WAIT!!! This is a carefully calculated swich..nuthin sells better than the truth.

    1. condor says:

      Don C, the idea that listeners of right-wing radio have “critical thinking skills” is laughable. So don’t flatter yourself.

      The purpose of conservative talk radio is to convince average Americans to vote against their own economic interests.

      1. Rick VB says:

        condor, as a sad example of the result of public school education, there is no way you could understand a concept like “critical thinking”, as you obviously can’t grasp something simple like TANSTAAFL. So don’t try throwing around insults you don’t understand.

        You are the one who if voting against his own economic interest, because you have been taught that nothing beyond the next week/day/fifteen minutes matters, and therefore something that will come back to bite you in the butt next year exceeds your comprehension. Thus, you are relegated to the plantation to serve your ruling class masters for the rest of your life.

  19. Donnie Love says:

    Free Talk Live is the best show out there. They’re not “progressive” or “conservative”. The show focuses on issues surrounding liberty and the steady increase of government oppression. We need Free Talk Live on the air here in Detroit!

  20. BNK says:

    Love all you lib’s out there who have never ever listened to Beck! That’s OK, he’s laughing all the way to the bank with his $28,000,000.00 in net income last year. RickVB is absolutely right…. Beck decided to leave 6 months before his contract was up with Fox to pursue a new and breaking format… Internet TV. That’s right, GBTV stands for Glenn Beck TV and he’s already filled up most of the time slots. So all you low life’s, I.e. lib’s, who are living off the rest of us tax payers, you just keep buying those lottery tickets, cigarettes and your Friday night six back of beer before Roseanne comes on and see where that gets you in life! Maybe you should get off the couch, quit watching Chris Matthews getting tingles up his leg, and start thinking and doing for yourselves! We’re in this sorry state in this country because too many people like you think the government should take care of you! Here’s a news story for you… this doer is done paying for all you lazy but takers! Just once try thinking for yourselves and get out of this asinine victim mentality state the democrats keep feeding you! I know, it’s not your fault… well it’s time you deal with it and grow up!

  21. Don C. says:

    Condor, I thought all us Nazi, terrorist, kkk-like, hostage taking, head in the sand, blind, bigoted and CRAZY tea party types were the ones that advanced “conspiracy theories”. Thanks for pointing out the REAL purpose of conservative talk radio.. wow … scary….

    1. condor says:

      No conspiracy theory here. Most of the TEA PARTIES are funded by the usual cadre of millionaires and billionaires who fund the various right-wing think tanks and foundations.

      And national talk radio hosts are paid huge salaries to convince low information voters to support the economic policies of the top 1%.

      1. Rick VB says:

        condor, more ignorance. Check anywhere you like; if you dig you’ll find your description of Tea Party donors and talk radio hosts fits the entire Democrat Party leadership perfectly.

  22. Don C. says:

    Condor, 60 YEARS of Democrat leadership in Detroit…. 75 PLUS YEARS of J. Dingell Sr. and J. Dingell Jr. in District 15!!!! … so progressive…so fresh and exciting.

    1. Rick VB says:

      Don, great point… I can’t understand how people like Dawn, condor, Real DCC etc. can actually stand up in public and advocate for the progressive agenda pushed by their Democrat taskmasters, as the absolute worst example of their plan in action is staring them in the face in Detroit. Over a half century of absolute corrupt Democrat (progressive) rule has made the city what it is today, the target of derision for the entire country, including such armpits as New York and California.

      OK smart guys, let’s hear how you blame Detroit’s state on conservatism…

  23. al hambra says:

    Finally! Glenn Beck returns to Detroit… Great birthday gift!

  24. Clyde Mahoney says:

    On the weekends WXYT should add a call in show about computers, the internet and technology. Matt Roush of wwj radio 950 could host it, or they could get a Natioanlly syndicated show like Computer America, Kim Komando, or Leo Laporte-the Tech Guy, or Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline.

    1. condor says:

      Clyde, Leo Laporte is on 1310 am progressive radio on Sunday’s from 2-5 p.m. Kim Komando was on CKLW am 800 at noon during the weekends. I’m not sure if they’re still carrying her show.

      It’s a shame what’s happening to WXYT.

  25. Hans Maras says:

    This press release is disappointing. You’re doing nothing new. Why not add Alex Jones to the lineup. Then there would be truthful matters discussed. At least you’re dropping sports talk which is one of the most idiotic formats ever created.

  26. Barry Blauer says:

    We really need another talk radio station?

  27. Jalopy says:

    It’s not talk radio. It’s hate radio. Great, thanks for the warning. I’ll be listening to WDFN on the 12th..

  28. Denny B says:

    Thank You Rick VB, BNK and Don C. for being so correct in replying to all of the liberal whinning especially Condor. If they all would just listen to Glenn Beck thoroughly instead of the pre-edited clips they hear from MSNBC and the like. I am a Tea Party activist but no one is funding me. It is time for the silent majority to speak up in a civilized manner unlike the liberal left and their anger, violence and ignorance of the facts. Time for a true change in Washington. Let us take back our country.

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