GRAND RAPIDS (WWJ/AP) – Federal prosecutors have accused a northern Michigan man of killing his 3-month-old daughter while he was sexually assaulting her.

The Grand Rapids Press and the Traverse City Record-Eagle reported Tuesday that 26-year-old Steven Deuman is charged with murdering his infant daughter while sexually assaulting her. He has a hearing Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Grand Rapids.

The case is federal because the Aug. 12 death happened on a reservation of the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians in Leelanau County, northwest of Traverse City.

Records say Deuman, his wife and children live on the reservation.

Deuman allegedly told investigators that the girl fell off a bed, and accidentally choked on a discarded condom. Autopsy results showed no evidence of a fall and indicated the baby was asphyxiated. The FBI alleged Deuman killed the girl “during the perpetration, or attempted perpetration, of aggravated sexual abuse.”

Phone and email messages were left at the office of Deuman attorney Richard Stroba after business hours Tuesday.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Comments (50)
  1. Laura Beattie-Proctor says:

    Soulless evil monster! There are not enough words, words filled with enough disgust, loathing, or resentment over this sick animal breathing the same air as the rest of the world! Sexual abuse, according to statistics & studies, is not a sexual desire issue but a power game that is a psychological problem. I think that castration & a lobotomy with no numbing agents would be a great start. What a waste of DNA. RIP you poor angel. So sorry you had to live with this depraved animal of a father!

    1. Lisa says:

      I agree with you 100% he is a evil monster there are no words to explain the sadness i felt for the little baby girl RIP little angel

  2. Pamela Guarino says:

    W T F! ! ! ! ! I don’t know how much more of this stuff I can take!!! People that do these horrid acts to children should have to face the same type of torture. Perhaps THAT will make them second guess their actions! RIP baby girl!!

  3. Hoops says:

    Kill this MF’r NOW. Now reason to allow him to live, vile waste of life.

    1. Travis says:

      Yes do it now. Don’t even give him a trial. Let’s just believe what the cops say, because they are honest and never lie.

      1. Louise Schultz says:

        Travis…just exactly how would a 3 year old girl get a condom stuck in her throat? Perhaps you can enlighten us in the various ways this could happen?

      2. nana says:

        It was a 3 month old, not 3 yrs old. What a sick person he is

    2. Marot says:

      There is a place in society for the DEATH PENALTY. In prison the inmates will off this punk…..

  4. Cat says:


    1. Travis says:

      I wonder if he’s innocent. I see everybody calling for his head, but he’s never been to trail and we’ve not even heard his side of the story. He’s not even been charged with a crime, he’s just been accused of one (several actually) and the mob mentality has arrived. The police release this information to get this kind of response so they can get public opinion on their side for a jury to be predisposed to this and make determinations as all the posters have. I know, the cops would never lie, but maybe we should consider what would happen if maybe they did.

      1. Amanda says:

        Because accusations don’t stem from nothing! A father’s job is to PROTECT his child and he obviously FAILED! How else would she have died?? HE JUST STATED SHE CHOKED ON A CONDOM, WHICH MEANS HE WAS LYING TO BEGIN WITH! Why lie if you have nothing to hide?!?!

      2. ms liberty says:

        thank you travis. I think we can all agree that young steven was merely acting out a symbolic reparation expressing solidarity with all oppressed peoples throughout the world. it’s clearly the white christian predator class who has made a victim of our native american brother. the racist nature of the comments on this board is, frankly, terrifying.

  5. Brandon Harris says:

    Crimes like this should be grounds for public execution. I’d pay good money to watch this creep hang.

    1. Thumper says:

      I couldn’t agree more!!!!!

  6. John doe says:

    He gonna get his sh@t pushed in prison for the next 100 years

  7. mimi pete says:

    Let him loose in general population cuz…….MI aint had the death penalty since 1847.

  8. Sue Teem says:

    There is no way I can wrap my mind around this kind of sick ,disgusting act…how people can harm helpless children ,and especially ur own,just can’t be explained to me! What kind of thrill can u get from raping a 3 month old???? These people who do this have no souls and will never be any kind of asset to the human race…useless monsters!!!

  9. a moms love says:

    maybe they need choke his a** with a condom that poor lil girl that makes my heart goes out for her because I have lil girls I couldn’t imagin losing one of them your gods lil angel now

  10. Kimberley says:

    Why does the government let these people around our kids? So disgusting!! I can’t stop crying for that little baby :(

    1. Fed UP says:

      I understand what you’re saying, but he was around the baby because he was the father. If he had no prior convictions, what was the government supposed to do?

  11. My2Gifts says:

    Agreed. But after the ever-fair judicial system this monster will get some few years, but the baby will have gotten a real life sentance. And this pimple on the a$$ of humanity will be free to do it again – I say castration. If that make ppl act like human being, after the procedure they certainly would.

    1. Lou Ann Loiselle says:

      Castration is right!!! If he can’t control it, he does not deserve it!! Btw, I’m sure he is not capable of rehabilitation. I hope none of our tax dollars will be used trying!!!!

  12. chris says:

    Immediate Castration

    1. Amanda says:

      agreed!! castrate him for now and then sentence him to death after he’s convicted of being guilty!

  13. jinny says:

    This might be the guy that posts on FOX as “Nick1968”

  14. alison says:

    This issue is complicated legally. If he is guilty, the Michigan courts cannot legally try him because it happened on Indian Lands. It’s very hard to say whether or not this will ever go to trial because of jurisdictional issues and fighting among the court systems and the like.

    Sexual assaults happen on Indian Lands with alarming regularity and nothing is ever done about them. Maybe this act will change the Justice system for the better. Unfortunately, I’m not willing to bet on that.

    1. Louise Schultz says:

      Just put him in prison with the other inmates. They will relieve Michigan of the responsibility of deciding his fate.

  15. Brett says:

    How does a 3 month baby “accidentally choke” on a condom? There’s no doubt that this man is sick, and needs to be punished by the legal system.

  16. Miklos says:

    It’s the 21st century. Time to civilize and socialize the Indians — and the 100 million other non-whites in this country. This sort of extreme permissiveness that non-whites feel entitled to has to end if we’re to survive as a functioning, sustainable, modern society.

    1. Lou Ann Loiselle says:

      Did you know most all serial killers are caucasian males? They also were the first to begin scalping.

      1. Louise Schultz says:

        A. This fellow is not charged with being a serial killer, he sexually abused and murdered his daughter.

        B. You might dig a little deeper into the tradition of “scalping”, for there is quite a bit of evidence that it was practiced extensively in North America prehistorically, as in many other parts of the world.

        C. Leave the race card at home.

      2. Russ says:

        Stupid remark there Lou Ann. Nothing to do with the story, just racist nonsense. Sit on it.

      3. Fed UP says:

        Lou Ann, that’s a myth. Do your research. According to the FBI, based on percentages of the U.S. population, whites are not more likely than other races to be serial killers. Ever hear of Bobbie Jo Leonard? How about Anthony Sowell? White serial killers receive more press because it’s more shocking that a middle-class, white male would do such a thing. Also, crimes are often under-investigated in minority communities. Quit spreading the hate and lies.

    2. LJ says:

      Are you kidding me, there are more Whites doing this to children than Indians. Get your FACTS.

  17. Linda says:

    What about the wife and other children, where they being assaulted also ? He apparently doesn’t have any morels so was probably molesting the whole household.

  18. Jewell says:

    Mlkies is Correct!

  19. Louise Schultz says:

    @Ms Liberty: “I think we can all agree that young steven was merely acting out a symbolic reparation expressing solidarity with all oppressed peoples throughout the world. it’s clearly the white christian predator class who has made a victim of our native american brother. the racist nature of the comments on this board is, frankly, terrifying.”

    Are you for real, or are you just another foul, loathsome perp? A young girl is dead because her so-called *father* raped her to death. Perhaps you would like to be suffocated in the same manner? Yes, I think the experience would be educational for you.

    Oh, and sweetie…race don’t matter – behavior does.

    1. gotacomment says:

      Ms Liberty was obviously being sarcastic.

  20. donna anguiano-kochie says:

    actually to the one who said he might not be guilty; i read the whole story; he admitted to raping her and accidently killed her putting his hand over her mouth so she wouldn’t wake the baby’s mom!

  21. Canttell_u says:

    Wow! Always a WHITE guy. What is wrong here?

    1. Get it? says:

      Sure, it’s ALWAYS a white guy. Nobody of any other color ever kills or molests kids, right? Get real.

  22. Floretta says:

    Please for God’s sake leave the race card out of this..Louis his daughter was 3 months old, not 3 years old. It is disgusting. What that baby must have endured with this creep I cannot imagine. And if he has other children I really hope they have been removed from the home. Time will tell of his innocence. But I’m betting there is none. I would bet money he is guilty as sin.

  23. Bob says:

    a 2 month old article, with the only difference that has changed is it now says they’re pressing charges, instead of investigating. with no new FACTS. great journalism.

  24. AmberDru says:

    Death penalty please.

  25. Denise says:

    castrate hell, kill this POS

  26. FedUp says:

    This POS is not worthy of walking the earth with the rest of us, the cost of a single bullet is all it would take to solve this permanently. Feel nothing for the perp,my heart goes out to the baby and the rest of the family.

  27. Maryjo says:

    Just leave race OUT of it. OMFG! in case you dont’ know, when ppl do that, it’s called scapegoating. It makes the person saying it feel somehow better/superior. I agree that this is the most horrid thing ever but plz….try to sound somewhat intelligient. The focus should stay on the person and the crime, not all the other things being said that lead to people posting on this site. I pray for all the innocent childen in the world that face this kind of unimaginable horror/abuse. Think about the children who are being abused! why do ppl, in every damn venue, have to FEEL right???? yes agreed we hate perpetrators, but let’s come together and pray for these children, rather than start up with each other and the ignorant remarks.

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