DETROIT (WWJ) – The superintendent of the Kansas City schools is the first chancellor of the Michigan Education Achievement Authority, which Governor Snyder recently created to help under-achieving schools.

Dr. John Covington has been credited with making radical improvements to the Kansas City school system in two years. And the school board there opposed his leaving after an abrupt resignation this week.

“I am really happy about the progress that we have made in Kansas City, during the two years plus that I’ve been in Kansas City, the gains that we were able to achieve as a community were just huge, I think that they were left in good stead,” said Covington.

Covington is receiving a four-year contract as the first chancellor of the Authority. He will make $225,000 a year with a signing bonus of $175,000. He’ll begin with under performing Detroit schools.

Covington was hired Friday but the program will get underway in the fall of 2012.

Comments (4)
  1. knairn says:

    Spelling errors are annoying. What is “Attrack?” It’s just wrong and especially in a headlline. Hire me! I’ll proof read and correct your articles. ;) Second error this week that I commented on. Remember the “earthquake giggle” that should have been “jiggle?”

  2. mike says:

    Rich people scratching other rich peoples backs. Obscene the governor is paying this guy and, he’ll change nothing.

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