WARREN (WWJ) – The city of Warren is cracking down on those who harbor mosquitoes after the suspected death this week of a Macomb County man from the West Nile Virus.

Mayor Jim Fouts said those who have stagnant pools or ponds and other areas that harbor mosquitoes could face a $1,000 fine.

The mayor said Michigan was one of the top two states in both fatalities and serious illnesses caused by West Nile almost 10 years ago.  Under the new plan, Fouts said said inspectors will look for pools of water in places like dumpsters, wheelbarrows, tires, pipes, drains and flower pots.

Homeowners will be given a warning and a chance to fix the problem.

“Every effort will be put forth to protect Warren residents against the dangers posed by mosquito infestation. This year is of particular concern because of the very heavy rain that this area has encountered in the last several months,” said Fouts, in a statement released Friday.

“It’s likely that if we cannot control mosquito breeding in early summer we will have to undergo heavy mosquito biting in late summer and early fall,” he said.

Fouts’ Mosquito Eradication, Education and Prevention program includes:

1) Property Maintenance inspectors will be trained by the engineering  department for the proper use of the briquettes.

2) Property Maintenance inspectors will be directed to identify pools  or ponds of water which would be ideal breeding grounds for mosquito’s. They will also identify other potential breeding areas for mosquitos such as dumpsters, wheelbarrows, tires, hubcaps, garden equipment, pool covers, pipes, drains, recycling bins, flower pots, buckets and clogged rain gutters.

3) Citizens will be encouraged to check the above items and make sure they are emptied of standing stagnant water.

4) If inspectors identify stagnant pools and other major sources of  mosquito breeding homeowners will be notified that they must eliminate the problem or if not they may face fines up to $1000.

5) The Warren DPW will distribute the briquettes to the 18,000 catch  basins.

6) The Recreation Department will direct and train their employees to  identify and then treat places of standing water in the parks with “mosquito dunks” which are similarly shaped like hockey pucks. They dissolve in water and kill the larvae.

7) The Communication Dept will offer prevention and treatment tips to  residents via their Newsbeat seasonal flyer which will be mailed out in July.

8) The city will also mail out mosquito information in its monthly water bill.

9) City will contact county officials to get their help in treating catch basins  on county roads Van Dyke, Mound, and Schoenherr.

Fouts is encouraging officials in other Metro Detroit cities to adopt a smiliar plan.

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  1. Henry says:

    This is what you can exist from a 3rd world city that is is the first stages of barbarism. Detroit was a great city but its polititcians local state and Federal sold them out. Almost all of the good working class jobs went away. Now the city has resorted to eat away at its own people with taxes. This is the sign of a desparate government trying to revenue gernerate off of anything. Sad thing is that more cities will do the some thing.

    1. James Swanson says:

      Well said!

  2. videosavant says:

    What? If they do that, who will be left to shut down illegal lemonade stands?

    1. John Eight Thirty-Two says:

      These comments are hilarious. You tebagging buffoons think the Constitution gives you a right to breed disease vectors? You’ve been watching too much Faux News. “Them damn fools in Washington!”

    2. GDog Slim says:

      What statist fascist pigs think they can control every aspect of everyone’s life?

      I like the comment “So, if I can look around on city property and find a puddle then they should to pay ME $1000 right? I bet I can find ten puddles on city property. Think they will pay me $10,000 over that?”

    3. Imahippyburning says:

      Hey Johnny,
      Your comment is pretty silly, “You tebagging buffoons think the Constitution gives you a right to breed disease vectors”
      Just as silly in fact as my reply: “I wish the constitution allowed for the removal of liberals and their consistent ignorance from society altogether ” so good people can live their lives in peace without government telling us when to breathe or fart once again…

    4. cjk says:

      @John 832: Teabaggers? You must be a teabagee then.
      Lay on your back, close your eyes and get your surprise.
      A guy like you is sure to have buddies that will also toss you a pearl necklace too.

    5. Kwong says:

      Every summer in the city of Kwangchou, China, the government successfully put mosquitoes out by using a certain chemical on grass and affected areas. People who live in the city has no fear of getting Niles or Malaria because there are no mosquitoes around. Macomb County should look into what this city in China does every summer to put out the mosquitoes!

      1. Eric P Turner says:

        knowing chine its a cancer cause chemical that will kill ever.y one inn that town in 10 years.

  3. Lee says:

    So, if I can look around on city property and find a puddle then they should to pay ME $1000 right? I bet I can find ten puddles on city property. Think they will pay me $10,000 over that?

    1. James says:

      Laws are for subjects, not the government. Why do you think Congress has immunity to insider trading rules?

    2. Jon Weiss says:

      Of course the city will pay you, right after you pay your taxes so they will have the cash to pay you.

      1. Another 5 letter word for fraud...OBAMA says:

        What about harboring Kenyans in DC? http://www.BirtherReport.com

  4. Tobywan Kenobi says:

    If you spot a mosquito should you call 911 so they can send a SWAT team?

    1. Bruce_Almty says:

      Excellent post ….. lmfao

    2. Michae Bolton says:

      That’s funny!!!

    3. Tim Hurley says:


  5. Yukiko says:

    Look those mosquitoes are only passing on diseases that American mosquitoes won’t pass on. Not to worry, though. The Obama Administration has implied they won’t prosecute those mosquitoes or the people harboring them.

    1. Lorelord says:

      LOL!!!!!!! CLASSIC! I dont know you, but I love you bro!

    2. travis says:

      This post is all kinds of fantastic.

    3. analysis says:

      the obamanator will give amnesty to the mosquitoes…oh wait a min…mosquitoes don’t vote….never mind.

  6. drnick says:

    AH !!!! A new Source of income for the people that need to take other peoples money to live . Between bugs and lemonade stands the local inforcement SPECIALISTS will be really busy – Hell why go after a Meth lab when you can fine kids and people with water on their property.

  7. Ryan Mouk says:

    What a useless law designed to supply a corrupt city with money.

  8. Mike Diver says:

    What if they are illegal mosquitoes? Bet they get a pass…as they should!!!

  9. Bruce_Almty says:

    Next thing you know it will be illegal to “harbor” dogs n cats. LOL
    Love those Liberals.

  10. StanM says:

    DDT works wonders against mosquitoes. Safe, cheap and effective.

    1. Wastrel says:

      They should simply put a couple of mosquito fish in every puddle that can’t easily be drained or dumped. These ‘briquettes’ are clearly some kind of poison that shouldn’t be introduced into the environment, maybe as bad as DDT, but who knows, now. But the easy, safe solution is never adopted by government when someone who manufactures ‘briquettes’ can make money.

      1. TomP says:

        DDT is a safe insecticide. Look it up.
        Rachel Carson and the eviros are responsible for more needless deaths than Mao and old Joe.
        Lets ban libs.

  11. Bruce_Almty says:

    Property Maintenance Inspectors…….are those the Brown Shorts the city sends out to intimidate homeowners? Do they ware an armband and have a special salute? kEWL.

  12. monk says:

    check the mayors house first then report it then see if they fine him bet not

  13. Shock Value says:

    This is a crime indeed, harboring diseased waterborne insects for ones own nefarious plans…They need to not fine them but put them in prison on a chain gang, or worse yet, dancing on a street corner waving a $5 Little Caesars peperoni pizza sign for for minimum wage!
    Oh wait no, that’s Obamy’s economic recovery plan… Nevermind.

  14. Alvin Marcott says:

    wow this is exactly what happened to the jews. detroit sickens me.

    1. Alvar the Fool says:

      What, they fined them for having festering ponds?

  15. Mark Matis says:

    Maybe we can execute the city officials if there are enough such ponds on city property? The stench is overwhelming. And it smells like pig.

  16. 1776Reloaded says:

    The Department of Environmental Consevation is to blame. Home Subdivisions must create retention ponds for sediment control. These ponds are large areas of standing water that breed mosquitoes by the millions and are very costly on the builder.

    You can thank the over regulated rogue federal government for this.

    1. Brent Bach says:

      Not to mention geese breeding habitat which is a green problem of its own if you get my drift.

    2. mindctrl says:

      As dumb as retention ponds are, you can thank moron developers who clear cut trees in the name of convenience. These ponds wouldn’t be necessary if the tacky, greedy developers would leave some trees around to play one of their many important roles in the ecosystem.

  17. Diane says:

    Nobody in Detroit has $1000.00 to pay the fine anyway!

    1. Alvar the Fool says:

      Crack dealers do…

    2. John Sheridan says:

      If they can’t pay, they will put a lien on their property and sell it off on the courthouse steps.

      1. John says:

        There was a house in Detroit for sale with a $1.00 dollar asking price that was on the market for over 6 months before anyone bought it.

  18. Just The News says:

    In other news, the local mosquito populations spokesbug has promised to fight this order in court on the basis of it being the equivalent to profiling. Stay tuned for future developments…

  19. Grumpy says:

    First, they came for the Mosquitoes and I did not speak out because I was not a mosquito…

  20. HPS says:

    this is as insane as the rest of the laws local and federal government pass.. IF they are DEMOCRATS.. they LOVE the money.. people and mosquitoes not so much .. WHY would they think the people are NOT trying to keep the standing water off their property to begin with… who likes mosquitoes bites??

    1. Rich says:


  21. joe says:

    LOL.. money grubbing city taxing anything they can think of.. what next are they going to tax you for breathing or eating?? Oh wait.. they already do!!!

    1. Travis says:

      And they got us for dying as well. That one always amazes me.

    2. John Eight Thirty-Two says:

      “Tax”? It’s not tax, you teabagging rube. It’s a fine — a punishment ferchrissakes — for breeding disease vectors. The Constitution does not give you the right to cause epidemics.

      1. cjk says:

        Teabagger? You must be a teabage then John.
        Lay on your back, close you eyes, open wide and get your surprise !
        I’ll bet your buddies will even toss you a pearl neckless too.

  22. Sallysuesimpleton says:

    Wow! Guess I will have to relocate my mosquito farm and 2000 mosquito herding jobs to China!

  23. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    “The greater the number of laws and enactments, the more thieves and robbers there will be.”  ~ Lao-tzu — http://911essentials.com

  24. Fredo says:

    Mosquitoes are food for some birds.

    1. Liberty Jane says:

      And bats!

  25. URL Shortener says:

    Tossing those mosquito pucks in water basins? Are those even safe? — http://pdq.so

  26. Chalma says:

    mosquitoes aren’t the problem…it’s these blood sucking bureaucrats I worry about.

  27. Frederic Steven Lucas says:

    If everyone takes garlic once a day, no one would be bitten.

  28. Backfire says:

    The non-use of DDT has caused an estimated 300-400 million human deaths world wide. Most of it in the 3rd world.

    1. Kick says:

      Like Warren

  29. Snake says:

    I have a safe non toxic mosquito control I sell to Africa. HDL, Long Beach, California. By the time your city fathers decide to buy it, winter shall be here

  30. rex dart eskimo spy says:

    If they really wanted to protect residents, the government would un-ban DDT. But liberals prefer vermin to science.

  31. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    It seems to me that you would first begin by fining everyone from Egypt since they started the West Nile virus before you fine the residents of Warren it just isn’t fair. You have got to love politicians and government employees if it wasn’t for them we would have no entertainment to speak of.

  32. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    You know come to think of it just the other day I thought I saw someone who looked remarkable like doctor evil you don’t think it was him do you? I wonder could he be thinking up some devilish plot to extort the good people of Warren out of ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS.

  33. Alan West says:

    Warren has one of the highest paid police forces in the US. Maybe the fines are to help pay them? As for DDT, it’s bad stuff. The people die in 3rd world countries because of a lack of sanitation, not lack of DDT.

    1. Albert Barlow says:

      ma laria.
      look it up.

  34. MT says:

    But, where are all the lawyers going to move to?

  35. sam says:

    Are the banks foreclosed properties exempt,like they are for property taxes?Quite a few foreclosed pools just full of the little buggers.Maybe start with those properties?

  36. Hot Tips 2011 says:

    Is there even $1000 IN Detroit?

  37. Travis says:

    Liberals. Every time I get into a discussion about liberal ideas vs. convervative, God bless Detroit for proving me right every time. Now it’s mosquito fines under as a new gov’t control. I can’t make this stuff up.

  38. Gary says:

    What’s crazy is that there is a huge section of open waterway callled the RED RUN Drain that carries treated sewage water miles through Warren to Lake St Clair. This is a 75′ wide ditch that most likely will breed the nasty varmits. Mayor Fouts is just trying to get the focus off his multiple birthdate issues and possible litigation.

  39. Joe says:

    Hey, Mr. Mayor, Why don’t you fine them for living in the city. Have you have forgotten about your power to do so. Fine them for breathing, fine them for using city services, oh hell, fine them until they all leave you and your city for your Draconian ways. Your an idiot.

  40. RLABruce says:

    If they didn’t outlaw DDT, this wouldn’t be a problem.

  41. Michael Waugh says:

    Where can I buy a can of DDT? Problem solved.

  42. clarinet says:

    Big Nanny at work.

  43. MJNY says:

    How many Miss Quito’s will we see on the voler registrations next November?

  44. william says:

    when asked by reporters the city stated its still ok to harbor illegal aliens

  45. dbeall says:

    Any government inspector caught on my property would be escorted off my property by any means necessary after asking him or her to leave ONCE.

  46. Walter Kowalczyk says:

    Get some bats, drain the lakes, move algonac across the river to Canada, close Warren, have Hamtramck start selling Mosquito pierogis, give the little blood suckers to the IRS for proper training…all reasonable ideas if you are a politician. But I want to know is, why $1000? why not a billion per violation? I mean if you’re going to cream, than cream big!

  47. frank says:

    The city will fine you for a Mosquito pond but will not if you are an Illegal sucking the taxpayer dollar.

  48. Smegley Wanxalot says:

    So, we live in a country where it is fine to harbor illegal aliens in “sanctuary cities” but you are effectively a criminal because some mosquitoes laid eggs in a puddle near your house.

    Great ….. :(

    1. Constance says:

      No kidding. The stupidity of it is mind boggling.

  49. Jerry says:

    They need a search warrant. if a no trespassing is posted.

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