Why did the man try to bring snakes and turtles onto the plane?
10. The guy was setting up the sequel “snakes AND turtles up on this m-f’er plane!”. Regardless, Weaver is PISSED about this. Derek – in Howell
9. Why did the man try to get on the flight with exotic animals? He heard Gene Lamont was working security that day and figured he could blow right through. Brandon from Canton.
8. I don’t know but Rodger Goodell is trying to figure out who he can fine for it…Damon from USPS
7. Okay Okay, I was gonna sell the snakes for profit…. The turtles… Well I don’t know where the heck those came from. – mario from Hamtramck
6. FROM: Deuce… Why guy tried sneaking snakes and turtles on plane: Tressel wasn’t sneaking em on, he just didn’t know who to tell that he had them in his pants
5. Why? He was playing his own version of “What’s in Dennis Fithian’s drawers. BP
4. Why did he put the snake and turtle down his pants: because there wasn’t enough room for the Richard Gere method.. Brett Farmington
3. Because putting 7 snakes and 3 turtles in your suitcase is just stupid. John.
2. Why did the guy smuggle snakes and turtles on the plane…have you NOT seen the cost to check bags lately? Larry on da road
1. not sure but it does give the line ” i have a turtle head poking out a new meaning” — mike in chesterfield