REDFORD (WWJ) – A Telegraph Road motel in Redford has refused to give a man his money back after he said he found bed bugs.

Steven Menton has been walking up and down Inn America property’s all day carrying a simple white sign that reads:  “BED BUGS, NO REFUNDS”.

Steven Menton shows WWJ a bed bug in a jar.

Menton told WWJ’s Kathryn Larson he just got a new job, paid for a week in advance, and started feeling the creepy crawlers in his bed.

He said he’s so mad that the motel’s management won’t give him his money back that he put a call out to the health department

Now,  Menton said he is warning those that come near the place to stay away.

“Right now I’m gonna carry this sign around. I’ve already run off three or four people that I know of,” Menton said. “I don’t know how many …  just drove on by.”

“Several of them stopped and I said, ‘Hey, they’ve got bed bugs,’ and they drove away. So, I’m pretty happy about that,” he said.

Meantime, management said they believe Menton brought the bed bugs inside and they have a simple no refunds policy.

Menton said he did capture one of the bed bugs (photo above).


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