Instant Feedback Fun. Ways to tell the “Situation” from Jersey Shore was at MSU…
10. The situation was in east lansing over the weekend and started at defensive back for Florida Atlantic. Cause let’s face it, he was born to be a DB. Keith
9. How could you tell the situation was there? Sparty’s abs were even more ripped than normal! Zarin-Flint
8. Sparty tested positive for an STD. Dave Canton
7. They renamed the stadium – The Spartan Shore. Brian Warren
6. MSU publicly asked the situation not to wear their jersey’s anymore. From Adam in Westland
5. How could you tell: Kirk Cousins couldn’t use the phone to talk to his offense coordinator because the Situation using it to drunk dial. Brett Pod
4. The Guinness book of world records announces the largest fist pumping crowd ever from Dominic in a truck
3. Ways to know that the situation is at the game, the spartans got penalized on every play for having too many DBs on the field. Keith Clinton twp
2. Ways to know the situation was in in Spartan Stadium, after each touchdown by MSU, Sparty would celebrate by lifting his toga and showing off his abs. Bret Dearborn
1. ways to know mike “the situation” was at the game…..He was the only person in the stadium NOT wearing abercrombie and fitch. Mark


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