ANN ARBOR — Catherine Juon, Dunrie Greiling and Catherine Buerkle of Pure Visibility, an Internet marketing company, recently published a new book, “Internet Marketing Start to Finish.” The book, published by Pearson Publishing, helps businesses learn how to use Internet marketing as a way to drive measurable, repeatable online sales.

“The experience that we’ve gained working with Pure Visibility’s clients was the catalyst for writing Internet Marketing Start to Finish,” Juon said. “Internet Marketing Start to Finish is designed for business owners and marketers who want accountability, repeatability and results from online marketing.”

Iternet Marketing Start to Finish is a primer for businesses that want to bring together marketing, sales and operations functions that were previously separate and siloed.  It offers tactics on how to systematically capture and apply data to drive dramatic improvements in online marketing efforts.

In a unique approach to marketing “how to”, Internet Marketing Start to Finish shows how to integrate the full online marketing strategic toolkit, including strategies to generate qualified leads through paid search and Search Engine Optimization, techniques to improve site conversion from the field of user experience, as well as tips for using readily available tools such as Google Analytics to understand what parts of the online lead generation process are working well, and identify areas for improvement. Readers will also learn how to effectively use metrics and data analysis to inform long-term online marketing strategy and short-term tactics.

Juon is co-founder of Pure Visibility. She has helped companies use online marketing since the early commercialization of the Internet; Catherine’s work on the first Web site for Ford’s Engineering Information Systems department was a springboard to her current work helping large companies develop more effective Internet marketing strategies. Greiling is Pure Visibility’s director of happiness. She works with a team of analysts to derive meaning and actionable recommendations from complex Web data, and to develop strategic Internet marketing plans for customers.

Internet Marketing Start to Finish is currently available through a variety of retailers, including and Barnes & Noble.

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