DETROIT (WWJ) – How do you make sure your voice is heard on that coveted job interview?

WWJ’s Kathryn Larson spoke with Norman Shy, a consultant who’s worked with companies across Michigan. He said there’s one thing interviewers don’t want to hear.

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“A lot of people today have very poor speech habits,” said Shy. “How often do you hear people around you repeatedly say ‘you know,’ ‘um,’ ‘ah,’ ‘like’ or ‘okay’ as part of their speech pattern?”

Shy said there is an easy way to correct most of these speaking faux pas. He suggests you pause before answer any interview question.

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“The major thing that I stress when I work with people is do not immediately respond when you’ve heard something. Think about what you’ve just heard or listened to for a moment, organize your thoughts, organize what you want to say, and the manner in which you want to say it, and then speak.”

Shy said that can feel awkward in your head, but it doesn’t look like it to the interviewer.  And instead of tripping of those fillers, you’ll come off appearing cool and confident.

So, job hunters grab your resume and practice the tips you just learned, because Saturday is the day you may find that coveted position. It’s all happening at the Compuware building, where online retail mortgage lender Quicken Loans says they plan to hire 500 new workers.  (Read More)

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And if you’re looking for some additional expert advice, give Shy a call at 248-855-5444.