DETROIT (WWJ) – GM is reportedly promising to add jobs as part of an agreement reached with UAW officials.

The deal includes reopening a plant in Spring Hill, Tenn., where many workers were laid off in 2009.

Katy Kerwin, editor of Auto Beat Daily, said the company also agreed to build new products at U.S. plants:

“There may be some provision from GM to keep adding jobs as its US market share increases, sort of gives them the leeway to promise to add jobs, but only if its doing well,” said Kerwin.

Also part of the deal is an improved profit-sharing agreement– which is in place of raises for GM workers–a signing bonus of $5,000 for UAW and higher wages for entry-level employees.

GM’s nearly 50,000 union workers will vote on the bill in the next week to 10 days.

Last night’s agreement came after almost two months of bargaining and a missed deadline. It’s now up to union members to approve the deal.

More details on the plan will come Tuesday when union leaders present the plan to heads of union locals. Members will then have about a week to approve the plan.


Comments (2)
  1. Dan says:

    Hey Bob…. How about us lowly UAW retirees who lost a lot of benefits during the Chrysler bankruptsy.

  2. Kathy Hastings says:

    Do retirees still have insurance premiums coming out of their pension for dental and vision?

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