Being side lined by the flu is no fun for anyone. Ward off the bug that could keep you from your work or family activities by getting a flu shot.

The shot itself is safe, effective and painless. If needles make you nervous, the vaccine can be given to you in the form of a nasal spray.

Anyone – age 6 months and older –  should get vaccinated now to protect themselves before the flu season arrives.

The flu vaccine guards against three viruses that research suggests will be most common.

If you’re over age 65 or suffer from a health condition like asthma or diabetes or if you’re pregnant, coming down with the flu is even more serious.

Prevent the spread of germs by washing your hands with warm water and soap and avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth – these are the places where germs enter your body.

Prepare now, so you won’t have to battle the flu this season.

Learn more, here.

Content provided by Oakland University.


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