Chris Keenist, is a proud graduate of Oxford highschool, where he played football and basketball. Last September 4th he was on the field with his Adrian college teammates as they opened the 2011 football season. Less than two weeks later he was rushed to Beaumont Hospital where he was diagnosed with Cardio Myopathy, but he was one of the lucky ones. The condition was discovered before it was too late. Many young athletes aren’t so lucky.

Over the last eight years, at least 29 Michigan highschool students have died because of sudden cardiac arrest. The majority of these young athletes who died suddenly have no symptoms and most of the victims have had Cardio Myopathy, which is one of the most serious heart problems facing young athletes today.

Cardio Myopathy can be diagnosed in a pre-participation screening which includes a brief heart exam, a twelve-lead electrocardiogram and, if necessary, an echocardiogram.

Help CBS Radio Detroit save young lives by supporting the Student Heart Check program. This program has already helped detect some serious heart issues among our young athletes and undoubtedly saved lives.

With your support, we’ll save more lives. The next young athlete saved may be someone you know and love.

$10 can save a life! Text “SCREEN” to 50555 to donate $10.

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  1. ned says:

    My wife and I decided to have our 14 y/o son screened due to the reports of the sudden death of the high school basketball player earlier this year. Our son, like him, is very athletic and has participated in organized sports since age 8. He excelled in baseball, and was looking forward to participating in high school baseball until a heart screening identified that he has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). Needless to say we were floored, but very thankful that we found out like this and before it was too late.

    If you have young kids that are active, please take advantage of this service in your area. My son is very fit, and I otherwise would have no clue by looking at him that anything was wrong.

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