DETROIT — AT&T Inc. Wednesday announced improved broadband coverage in several areas around Michigan.

AT&T announced the activation of new mobile broadband cell sites in Petersburg and Temperance in the southeastern corner of Michigan, and added new layers of frequency, also known as “carriers,” to four cell sites throughout the Cadillac area and eight cell sites in the Traverse City area in northwest Lower Michigan, to more efficiently manage available spectrum and increase mobile broadband capacity.

The expansion helps manage ever-growing demand for mobile broadband services by allocating more network resources for AT&T’s mobile broadband network.

AT&T’s mobile broadband network is based on the 3rd Generation Partnership Project family of technologies that includes GSM and UMTS, the most widely used wireless network platforms in the world. AT&T has the best international coverage of any United States wireless provider, providing access to voice service in more than 220 countries and data service in more than 200 countries.

AT&T also operates the nation’s largest Wi-Fi network, with nearly 27,000 hotspots in the U.S. and provides access to nearly 190,000 hotspots globally through roaming agreements. Most AT&T smartphone customers get access to our entire national Wi-Fi network at no additional cost, and Wi-Fi usage doesn’t count against customers’ monthly wireless data plans.

“We want you to have an extraordinary experience whether you are sharing videos and photos with friends, watching a movie, checking the latest scores, or keeping your business mobile on your AT&T device,” said Brian Ducharme, vice president and general manager for AT&T Michigan and Indiana. “Smartphones, tablets and laptops are continuing to drive unprecedented demand for wireless access everywhere. We’re investing in a combination of technologies … to meet these needs and ensure an advanced broadband experience for all our customers.”

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  1. hempangle says:

    Beware of these techs that hook up your internet.They will charge you for something they did not do.If you just get the internet your first bill is going to be close to $300 or more.$160 of it they do not earn.I istall burglar alarms,so hooking this up was not a big deal.When i got the first bill it had a connection fee in on it,which they did not do.The bad thing is,how many thousands are paying the bill and not saying anything.I may have got someone fired,but why should i pay for something they didn’t do.

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