From the recent Fanfare convention at Cobo, Peter Weller discussed the the planned RoboCop statue and expressed his support for the project. Plus, Brand Walley, RoboCop For Detroit spokesperson, shared some updates on the potential location and fundraising efforts. Walley said, “We crowd-funded $67,000 through Kickstarter earlier this spring and we’re in the process of building a bronze RoboCop statue that’s going to be in Detroit. It was raised by nearly 3000 people from all over the world.” He hinted at the location saying, “We’re working with Tech Town right now … They’re kind of expanding their campus and they’re very interested in having it there.” Tech Town is affiliated with Wayne State University.

Walley thinks the location is especially appropriate adding, “We think it’s a good metaphor for RoboCop and the rebirth of Detroit.”

He adds that Weller is a phenomenal supporter for the project citing his art and education background, “He’s an art history academia buff and professor so he’s got some really interesting thoughts on it.”

Weller is humbled by the RoboCop statue idea. He explains the importance of civic icons in general referencing Martha Reeves proposal of Motown statues saying, “… when she was a member of the City Council here, (Reeves) proposed they put up a statuary through the greats of Motown — they outta do that too. This town has a lot to be proud of and has a great history …”

Watch The Brand Walley Interview:

When will the statue be ready?

According to Walley it sounds like the statue will be ready soon, but he didn’t reveal any dates. Walley said, “The molds are almost done. Through MGM, the licence holder, and Fred Barton productions are making the exact molds, the exact likeness in San Francisco now and probably within about a month it’s going to come here and at Venus Bronze Works which is a very well-known bronze foundary and sculptor right here in the city. They’re going to take those molds and turn it into a little bit more than life-size RoboCop.”

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