DETROIT (WWJ) – A special night at Comerica for some folks who are working to fund a no-kill dog shelter in Detroit for stray and abandoned dogs.

Detroit Dog Rescue recognized by the Detroit Tigers before Tuesday night’s game for its work to rescue homeless dogs in the city.

Detroit rapper Hush, also known as Dan Carlisle, is a co-founder of the organization.

“It’s going amazing. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to raise enough funds yet for our no-kill shelter . That’s , that’s our ultimate goal , but we are still steady getting in donations,” Hush told WWJ Newsradio 950’s Beth Fisher.

Hush said city officials say there are 50,000 homeless dogs in Detroit, but he thinks it’s more.

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He said his group will be going into the neighborhoods to teach people about spaying and neutering their pets.

“It’s one of the biggest problems that we have is that all these dogs that haven’t been spayed or neutered and they’re just … continue  to have litter after litter after litter and with nobody to take care of these animals,” he said. “S,o they just end up, you know,  in the streets and they just become a part of the homeless population.”

Hush said he is proud of the work they’re doing and he’s a Tigers’ fan too, looking toward the playoffs.

“Oh, I think they’re gonna do great. I think they’re gonna go all the way,” he said.

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