PONTIAC (WWJ) – The man who put the fright into “Friday the 13th” movie audiences for years is paying a visit to Metro Detroit.

Actor Kane Hodder will be signing his new book at a VIP party Friday night for Jason lookalikes.  The man who played Jason Voorhees says the biography talks about the severe bullying he suffered as a child.

So what is it like to play a murdering psychopath?

“I think it may have helped, you know. I carried a lot of anger for a lot of years … and this is the perfect way to get it out,” said Hodder. Unfortunately, the other actors have to deal with me getting my anger out, but I’m usually pretty easy on them.”

Hodder will bring his deadpan sense of humor to a public appearance at Erebus, a haunted attraction in Pontiac, at 8 p.m. as well.

“Come on out and see us, you know, and if you’re lucky, maybe I’ll twist your head off,” he said.

Those who are interested can get a chance to get a ticket to the VIP party Friday by sending a picture of themselves dressed as Jason or one of his victims to jason@hauntedpontiac.com.

Hodder will be back from 8 p.m. to midnight Saturday for a public book signing.


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