LANSING (WWJ) – The insurance industry would like to change Michigan’s ‘No Fault’ law – but the opponents say leave it alone … it’s working.

WWJ Newsradio 950’s Tim Skubick reports  that the issue is Michigan’s unlimited medical coverage stemming from auto accidents.

Jeremy Green says that his family needed that in order to save his life – when he had a brain injury at age 10.

“I probably wouldn’t be here right now,” said Green. “My injury was so bad, that there would have been no way to take care of me, if I had no insurance.”

But the insurance industry contend that the costs are out-of-bounds. Eventually, Michigan won’t be able to cover the costs.

“The costs are spiraling way out of control and we need to bring some cost controls – some containment to the system – Michigan won’t be able to afford auto insurance,” said Kurt Gallinger from the Michigan Insurance Coalition.

The opponents of this legislation say the system is working, saying there is no need to change a law that works.

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