DETROIT (WWJ) – Talks between the UAW and Chrysler are on hold until 10 a.m. Tuesday, after a marathon session failed to end in a deal.

A source close to the talks told WWJ AutoBeat Reporter Jeff Gilbert that both sides were getting tired and felt is was best to get some rest. It appears progress was made over the weekend.

Leaders from UAW locals are in Detroit waiting to look over a tentative deal. UAW President Bob King briefed them on progress. They are now scheduled to meet again on Wednesday.

What are Chrysler workers hoping for in a new deal?

Eddie Williams — while on his way into work in Warren – told WWJ’s Ron Dewey he’s pessimistic about a deal that would be on par with Ford or GM.

“I feel like we’re being cheated,” Williams said. And in what way? “They’re saying that we’re not making money, and we know that we are making money … and they wanna give us less money.”

Williams said they deserve more, but he doesn’t think that will happen in the next contract.

Meanwhile, workers at Ford have begun voting on their tentative agreement.

WWJ AutoBeat Reporter Jeff Gilbert contributed to this story.


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