DETROIT (WWJ) – Speaking at a Great Lakes conference in Detroit, former Vice President Al Gore said major polluters are purposely sowing seeds of doubt about global warming.

He made a reference to an Internet-based acronym: I-B-G-Y-B-G. It stands for “I’ll Be Gone, You’ll Be Gone,” meaning the consequences of what’s going on won’t happen in our lifetime. He said global polluters know that global warming science is correct, but are conducting majors campaigns to convince people otherwise.

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“For the last 19 years, they have been putting huge amounts of money into the financing of phony, pseudo-scientific reports,” said Gore.

“If there is an ulterior motive with people who know but nevertheless, because of greed, and because of I-B-G-Y-B-G thinking, delay the acceptance of the truth … that’s immoral,” he said.

Gore told the group that virtually all of the world’s working climate scientists say we’re facing a problem, and that our way forward should be clear. He compared the situation to that a person with chest pains.

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“If you were able to consult the 100 leading heart specialists in the world and 98 of them said oh my gosh, you’ve got a serious problem. You gotta start taking this medicine and excercise more and change you diet, but two of them said well I’m not sure we know enough to really do anything … what would your decision be?”

Gore said extreme weather in places as diverse as Texas, Australia and Tennessee are all connected to global warming.

Hear Gore’s full comments at a meeting Great Lakes Coalition Annual Meeting, on the campus of Wayne State University:

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