The Motor city helped put Michigan on the map…and it is figuring into its future.  How?  This week on Michigan Matters, Carol Cain talks to four CEO’s who are investing in Detroit:  Bill Emerson, CEO Quicken Loans; Cindy Pasky, president and CEO Strategic Staffing Solutions; Dan Loepp, president and CEO Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan; and Pete Karmanos, Chairman, Compuware.

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Comments (3)
  1. Emily T Gail says:

    Thank you Chip Brethen for letting me know about tihs show this morning ..
    Very satisfying to be watching and be acknlwledged as one of those who said and continues to say nice things about Detroit . We can all continue to be ambassadors …

    I talk about Detroit often ….I was just in Detroit…loved it . Recently on the Emily T Gail Show which is available at . Select the Sunday Oct. 2 show. A whole hour about Detroit by Detroiters including Ellen Hill , VP Marketing Detroit Tigers , Detroit Lion and Detroit Tiger fans ..I loved being at the games, in the city… around the city ..on the River Walk….

    Aloha Emily

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