DETROIT (WWJ) –  The Occupy Wall Street protest continues at Detroit’s Grand Circus Park Saturday. Several tents dot the landscape in the park and many people spent the night after a few hundred people began the Occupy Detroit protest at Grand Circus Park.

Lucianna Sabgash of Detroit tells WWJ’s Beth Fisher that she is “here for the long haul”.

“Anyone that thinks the government is representing the people is very naive, unfortunately, the government is working more for corporate interests. We are cutting social programs, education, transportation, food, aid to the poorest people so we can give money to corporations that don’t need it and are making record profits,” said Sabgash.

Marshall Stanbow of Pontiac is working the food tent: “You know we are sick of our children losing out on education, we all need health care, we all need to stop outsourcing our jobs … so that we can have jobs, there are a lot of things that people are worried about, these are some of the bigger issues,” he said.

Stanbow says he wants to get their concerns heard and effect change.


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