LANSING (WWJ) – Could one of Hollywood’s most celebrated filmmakers have his eyes on Michigan for his next project? State Senate majority leader Randy Richardville says it’s a distinct possibility.

Richardville told AM-1270 host and WWJ political analyst Charlie Langton that Governor Rick Snyder’s administration does not want an encore of what happened with “Ironman 3,” which went to another state.

“They learned from that and now are out negotiating on a Steven Spielberg movie, and I can’t really get into a whole lot of detail now,” said Richardville. “You could be hearing something very, very exciting over the next couple of weeks.”

Richardville said Snyder has learned a lot about the film industry since he put a restrictive cap on the program.

“We have a lot of jobs here in Michigan that were created and now we just have to be competitive and make sure that credit goes back to Michigan businesses and Michigan employees,” said Richardville. “Because it’s all about the working class here, not the Hollywood stars.”

Hear Langton’s interview with Randy Richardville:

Richardville and others who want to modify and resurrect Michigan’s film incentives will discuss the options this Tuesday in Bloomfield Hills. WWJ Newsradio 950 will be there.

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  1. A Michigan Resident says:

    What’s the title? Swindler’s List (Detroit politics), Saving Michigan’s Privates, Close Encounters of the Poor Kind, E. T. : Employment Truncated, Raiders of the Lost Economy

    Hope it makes some money for Michigan too

  2. Jim aaron says:

    The Michigan Film Credits are way too expensive, right now “The Great and Powerful Oz” is filming in Pontiac Michigan, Michigan is paying $42 Million, the filmmakers are spending $58 Million. This does provide some local jobs but it probably costs the State Taxpayers at least $250,000 each for a $50,000 a year job, mostly this is just WELFARE for Rich Folks. I saw Bill Richardson (D-NM) on TV this morning, he’s real proud of the new Film Industry in his State, but when the WELFARE PAYMENTS end so will his Film Industry. Filmmakers are Carpetbaggers, they filmed part of “The Ides of March” with Welfare Queen George Clooney here in Michigan. They filmed the parts of the film that Michigan Taxpayers paid for here, then they moved the operation to Ohio to film the parts that Ohio Taxpayers paid for. When the filming is done the folks leave town, with most of your Money still in their pockets.

  3. Jeff Wanless says:

    The film will have to be processed in Hollywood because the last film lab in Michigan is now closed for good. Snyder has succeeded in his effort to begin the total destruction of the film industry in Michigan.

  4. Michelle Allen says:

    NOW he is learning from his mistakes? How about how The Avengers went to Cleveland? Or The Dark Knight Returns went to Pittsburgh? Both of those were scouting here. So we lose Iron Man 3 now too so he changes his mind??? Film studios were opening here and now are not because of this idiot.

    1. Harry Root says:

      I think he did make a mistake, but at least it sounds like he is owning up to it and will fix some of the holes in the program … hopefully we can get the studios to reopen here. At least this is a BIG change from the prior 8 years, where it was mistake after mistake – including the film credits, which cost Michigan. If it can be modified, it can be a win/win for everyone.

  5. Lee Arthur says:

    yep Snyder doesn’t understand that some business growth takes some losses at first, to build a brand or image. Case in point is Fox news which was loosing atleast 100 million a year before they started to turn a profit and build viewership. that is also do in part to Rupert M cash influx of his own personal wealth also.

  6. C. Olinger says:

    Key Phrase: “MAY Be Shot In Michigan”. Yeah, ok, now Snyder has learned his lesson? Why the hell was the film industry even an issue for him! Our new industry had a great start and was getting on a roll; providing work and a whole new industry since the auto plants were most all closing down. The last two years was booming and a lot of fellow actors were getting work. Actors who wouldn’t normally ever get a chance at Hollywood. Now, WE are losing out. The last two films after Real Steel didn’t use as many actors for extras and now they are being picky about who they select. People who had a sincere interest in working on films or pursuing an acting career have pretty much given up; feeling that they have been let down by our state. How dare he act like he simply “made a boo-boo” and it’s all going to be alright and perfect the way it was! It’ll never be the same, production companies have no faith in Michigan anymore and he’s crushed any hope of any big-time movies ever coming to town again! Thank you, sir. Thanks for nothing Snyder, thanks a whole lot for nothing you typical, greedy, republican asshat!!!

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