More than 25 percent of all bone mass is created between the ages of 13 and 15 for boys, and 12 and 14 for girls. To ensure healthy bone mass development, teens need regular doses of vitamin D, C, iron and calcium from the foods they eat.

Vitamin D – found in eggs and fish – helps their bones absorb the calcium and aids in the absorption of iron.

Nourish your teens by serving iron-rich foods like spinach, chicken and beans. Turn scrambled eggs into breakfast burritos by adding fresh spinach and shredded cheese then rolling them up on a whole grain tortilla.

Can’t operate the stove before dawn?

Cook the eggs the night before so they’re microwave-ready for the morning. Pack a tuna sandwich in their lunch for double the D.

Get these foods on their plate as teens and they’ll be thanking you as adults for making them eat their broccoli and kale.

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