HILLSDALE (AP) – A prosecutor plans to subpoena cell phone records of students in Hillsdale and Branch counties as part of an investigation into widespread sharing of sexually explicit photos.

Assistant Hillsdale County Prosecutor Megan Stiverson told WCSR for a story Friday that the original “sexting” incident involved two female students at Hillsdale High School and a male student at Quincy High School.

She said at least a dozen others are involved with some students taking explicit photos of themselves and sending them with their cell phones.

In some instances, photos were traded with other students. Most of the photos are of students younger than 18.

Stiverson said sending a nude photo of a minor is a felony, even if the minor is sending it.

Hillsdale is 85 miles southwest of Detroit.

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  1. Bob says:

    There’s a lesson to be learned here, if our justice system wasn’t broken they should be brought before a judge, sentenced to 1 consecutive day in jail and processed, spend the night, and released while not being informed, of course ‘let the parents know the tactic, to scare the SH** out of these CHILDREN. instead, the prosecutor will cry ‘minimum sentence’ for peer to peer behavior and ruin their lives, WAY TO GO HILLSDALE!, why not round up every kid in the school under 18 and have them checked/grilled for peer to peer sexual activity and lock them all up?!?!?….morons.

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