DETROIT (WWJ) – UAW workers at Chrysler will wrap up voting on their new contract Tuesday.  So how is the vote going?

WWJ Auto Analyst John McElroy says it’s not clear:

“We don’t have the official vote count,” says McElroy. “Which is what we did have when it was being posted on the Ford Facebook page, but that’s not happening with Chrysler right now, but plenty of people can talk about it amongst themselves, about which way they think it should go, and we might have individual locals reporting, we just don’t have the full votes.”

McElroy says that even though the Chrysler workers are not getting as lucrative deal as Ford and GM in today’s economy, with so many people unemployed, with so much uncertainty, it’s better to get a deal done right now.

Three out of five plants have so far voted down the deal, but McElroy thinks in the end, workers will give it the thumbs up.


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